Journal #5 | Age Isn’t a Number, It’s a State of Mind

“Time flies”. Its such a simple, anecdotal cliche. I tend to stay away from cliches like this but sometimes they are too true not to take notice of. I guess thats how they end up becoming cliches in the first place. I feel like just yesterday I was overpacking all of my worldly possessions into … More Journal #5 | Age Isn’t a Number, It’s a State of Mind

May Favorites

Journalling –  This is a great way for me to keep my messy thoughts in order. I have been journalling pretty much daily, and have almost filled a whole notebook! I find its such a fun way to organize my ideas and has really spurred my creativity lately. I have been thinking of making a … More May Favorites

The Art of Thrifting

Walking into a thrift store is like entering Ariel’s grotto. Its full of pieces from a time gone by, with so many stories and adventures attached to every article of clothing. Who knows who wore those leather cowboy boots, or where they walked in them. It’s no secret that I love scouring the depths of … More The Art of Thrifting

90s vibes – weekend OOTD 

This weekend was beautiful and gone way to fast! But I wanted to share my favorite outfit of the weekend. It was so lovely to be able to go outside without a heave coat on, too.     Top: pac sun  Jeans: GAP Cardigan: Forever 21  Purse: Forever 21 Shoes: Birkenstock 

HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS | How I Lost the ‘Freshman 15’ and more!

Before you start college, you hear all the horror stories about kids who go off to college, expecting to be healthy, and by the end of the semester come home to find out their clothes don’t fit the way they used too. It’s a tale as old as time, and when I heard it before … More HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS | How I Lost the ‘Freshman 15’ and more!

March favorites

     First favorites post of the spring and summer season and I’m beyond excited! I love that the weather is finally getting warmer (if you can’t tell by the fact that I talk about it in every post).  This month has been pretty light in terms of new makeup, so here’s my short list of favorites!  … More March favorites