Mid-winter Thoughts

February and my new creative writing class have me writing a lot of poetry. It’s a form I haven’t worked too much in but am slowly starting to love. Learning to write poetry can only be compared to learning to love going to the gym; It happens slowly, but after a while you don’t know … More Mid-winter Thoughts

On Writing 

The more I think, the more I write. The more I write the more I turn myself inside out trying to understand the things I’m thinking, grasping at concepts and feelings that have passed hoping to make sense of them in lengthy phrases and words. I understand what Rupi Kaur meant when she said she … More On Writing 

Coping with Finals Stress: A Comprehensive Guide

Snow has officially covered campus; a sea of flawless white crystals covering the dry grass and leaf-less tree. It also means finals, copious amounts of stress and multiple cups of coffee a day. I was thinking about the time of year that has so many of us stressed to the point of practically exploding. This … More Coping with Finals Stress: A Comprehensive Guide

Passions and Paths 

“Busy” has become the driving force in my life. I’m in a constant state of ticking off checklists and working towards the ever receeding goal of graduation in the distance. My blood caffeine level is at an all time high.  I guess I’ve reached the proverbial ‘sophomore slump’  I’ve been questioning a lot of aspects … More Passions and Paths 

Journal #5 | Age Isn’t a Number, It’s a State of Mind

“Time flies”. Its such a simple, anecdotal cliche. I tend to stay away from cliches like this but sometimes they are too true not to take notice of. I guess thats how they end up becoming cliches in the first place. I feel like just yesterday I was overpacking all of my worldly possessions into … More Journal #5 | Age Isn’t a Number, It’s a State of Mind