I’ve been away for a while… Life lately has been a string of interviews, papers, bank reconciliations, and stress. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the looming idea of ‘graduation’ and my future. Swimming through pages upon pages of application questions and interview preparations felt almost as if it were setting me back, not moving me … More Futures

Being an Introvert in College: A Comprehensive Survival Guide

Until I came to college, you would never hear me describe myself as an introvert. I loved being around people and was usually lonely without anyone around. I was constantly being introduced as someone who was outgoing, personable, and upbeat. I joined a sorority and tried to constantly fill my days with activities and feel … More Being an Introvert in College: A Comprehensive Survival Guide


An excerpt from my advanced writing class this semester. Hydrangeas The flowerbox attached to the shingled front wall is always meticulously manicured, and the hedges are always trimmed in a neat row. Hydrangeas frame the front porch, a burst of blue. Two striped awnings, now bleached from years in the sun, flutter in the breeze … More Hydrangeas