SUMMER 2019| Mood board & Playlist

A day off from work, away from the stifling heat and humidity of the beach store means the day unfolds before me like a vast, blank canvas.

Summer has always been my favorite season, especially since moving back to New England. The winters are long and dark, and I feel a sense of almost, guilt, if I don’t spend as much time as possible outside when the weather permits in the summer. I can sense that I’ll regret almost all time spent inside when winter comes and we are forced back inside for a few months, without even the option to explore outside our heated homes.

Summer days off remind me of the beach. Of diving under the waves, getting tangled in tendrils of seaweed. Feeling the rocks and sand beneath my feet, and the occasional pinch of a crab.

This summer, I’ve also taken to exercising outside, as I train for a 10 K run this coming September.

Being a college graduate, but spending the summer at home, by the water, before law school starts in the fall, feels familiar and comfortable, like a well worn pair of shoes.

Come fall, I’ll be in a new city, with new classes, at a new university. Life will inevitably pick up and become fast and exciting. But for now, the worn-in, warm, cream colored sand and balmy mornings are right where I need to be.

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Note: Pictures found on tumblr.

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