LIFE LATELY|post grad, pre law.

“The time must come when this coast (Cape Cod) will be a place of resort for those New-Englanders who really wish to visit the sea-side. At present it is wholly unknown to the fashionable world, and probably it will never be agreeable to them. If it is merely a ten-pin alley, or a circular railway, or an ocean of mint-julep, that the visitor is in search of, — if he thinks more of the wine than the brine, as I suspect some do at Newport, — I trust that for a long time he will be disappointed here. But this shore will never be more attractive than it is now.” 

Henry David Thoreau

It’s unbelievably foggy on Cape Cod right now, as it has been for much of the month of June. The temperature is trying to crack the 70 degree mark but has been largely unsuccessful, and most of my days off have been stuck inside watching the rain drench the struggling hydrangeas in the front yard.

I moved home to Cape Cod after graduating from college last month, and now I am patiently awaiting my next step. I’ll be moving to Boston soon, setting up my space in the city before I start law school in fall.

The summer so far has been spent working 40 hour weeks at a beach store. I spend 8 hours each day in a mint-green store, enveloped in the smell of huge latex pool floats that have to be meticulously strapped to the storefront every morning with bungee cords.

I polish tiny wooden ships and make conversation with tourists who talk about how remarkable it must be to live on the Cape. Like anyone who lives in any remotely tourist-y location knows, it is much more fun for the tourists than the locals. Regardless, I smile and ring up their purchases and send them off into the muggy air with their new treasures.

I haven’t worked retail since after my last graduation. After high school, I took up two jobs to bide the seemingly endless time of my gap year. Between shifts at the grocery store and the clothing store I worked at, I earned a decent amount, which I went on to blow on things I didn’t need before I even got to college.

I forgot how exhausting retail is. In college, I worked office jobs, at a desk with a (relatively) comfy chair while wearing slacks. Sweating in an non-air conditioned beach shack in the heat of the summer, standing for 8+ hours, is nowhere near as relaxing.

I’ve been focusing on reading in my free time, and have been dragging myself to the gym after my long shifts almost every day. It’s been repetitive and relatively mindless but it’s shaping up to be a productive summer.

I’ll also be working on using my free time to work on posts. I’ve missed the freedom that comes with writing. I hope you’ll bare with my while I regain my bearings.

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