A Belated Labor Day Recap

The end of summer is such a peculiar time. We’re back at college for the semester, but the days are still long and warm. The sun is still out and all I can think about in class is the beach and the water.

Sitting in my apartment, the still, humid air hugs me and reminds me that this feeling won’t last forever. It will be fall before we realize, so we might as well enjoy the last of the warmth.

On a long weekend, the only thing on my mind is the ocean. Luckily, a few friends and I were able to make our way back to my hometown on Cape Cod for one final weekend in the sun.

We arrive late Friday, after an arduous drive of about 5 hours, from Vermont. Despite our best intentions of making the most of our first night, we were asleep by 10pm.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of sun, seltzers, and sand. And sunburns, too. Swimming in the warm water, miles away from responsibilities and errands to run. It’s such a freeing feeling.

I remembered that my favorite part of the weekend was how connected I felt to these people at that moment. We were all there by choice to spend time together and connect. I might be over analyzing but that to me is truly the most special part about weekend trips like this one.

There is something so simple and pure about the memories that only the group will share, and that you can look back on fondly in the middle of winter or when you’re stuck in the library cramming for a final. I hope that when they read this they know how important they are to me.

Here is the rest of the weekend in snippets. Enjoy.

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