A Glimpse of Summer

Outside, weak winter light is waning behind piles of browning snow. Inside, I am tan and content.

Tonight my tired eyes are trying to keep themselves awake after a week in Florida. Long dispelled are the rumors that Florida is for the retired and cold. This state came alive over spring break.

Coconut Jacks, Bonita Springs, FL
Jet Skiing, Bonita Beach, FL

Touching down in Southwest Florida was a dream after dreary and dark months in the northernmost state. Palm trees swayed in the humid air and we saw and felt the sun on our nearly translucent skin for the first time in months. We could hardly contain our excitement as we drove into a tangerine sunset.

This is the hardest picture for me to post, but I’m trying out a new thing – Body Positivity – Fort Myers Beach, FL
Naples, FL

Our nights were filled with margaritas and seafood, and our days with languidly lounging on the beach or by the pool. The sun, the sand, the ocean breezes; an uplifting promise for warmer months to come.

We spent time listening to music and enjoying the feeling of time passing with nothing much to do. No pressing deadlines, no time commitments, just sunsets bleeding into balmy nights on the porch.

One of our final activities in our short escape from reality included Jet Skiing with dolphins. Or, more accurately, jet skiing while pods of dolphins swam and explored near us. There is something so breathtaking about watching animals in the wild. They are so unencumbered by the stresses put on them in zoos. They can travel in their own groups, and truly be free. Maybe this sentiment sounds simplistic, but it is just because we often get so caught up in our own drama we forget to notice the freedom and beauty all around us.

Either way, the dolphins were great and I felt like they reminded me to be happy.

I think some part of me has always felt a need to be close to the water; Close to a place where you can smell the salt on the breeze, and you can always tell when the wind will change, and the sunsets over the water are too beautiful to describe.

I have missed the sound of waves lapping on the shore and the rustling of sea grass on dunes. I’ve missed how simplistic everything is when you are by the ocean.


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