January 21, 2017

I’ve been racking my brain all day, trying to put into words these intense feelings I’ve been having.

All day, I’ve felt off. Something has been out of place, and just not right. Then, I realized, it’s because I wasn’t as the Women’s March, largely in part because of a flu I am still fighting off.

I’ve been sitting on the computer all day, reading about the marches and looking at the pictures. Scrolling though my Facebook feed, I saw my friends of all ages, across the country and the globe, marching. They made signs and took pictures. They shared videos and showed the world what it looks like to be united. I feel so incredibly proud that so many people stood up for women’s, and HUMAN rights. As a feminist, and as a human, this brought me so much joy.

I realize now, that this is a movement that will be written about in history books. Children not even born yet will read about how, after the inauguration of a heinous President, millions of strong people banded together in an act of solidarity.

London, Sydney, New York and even Antarctica. All seven continents of the world. One common issue. The magnitude of that is indescribable. 

However, one thing did rub me the wrong way. It’s something I was hesitant to talk about, but was scattered through a few of the postings I saw. It was the open scorn of the White Feminist.

Unfavorable feelings towards White feminism are not uncommon, and not all that hard to see. I saw a few posts, featuring pictures of signs, one of which read “white women voted for trump”. Another article criticized white feminists for their involvement in the march, implying that it was rude of them to only get involved now when women of color have been fighting for years. At one level, I do understand this distrust, but on another, it hurts me.

I have been a feminist for as long as I have known what the word meant. It was not something I ‘became’ or decided to be, but I simply always was. The fact that I am a white feminist has been, up until recently, not something I thought much about, but I do know that this is an example of privilege.

I feel that we need to work a little harder, as a movement, to end the stigma against white feminism. We need to focus on the good we can do when we all work together in the name of female empowerment, rather than focus on arbitrary differences.

This probably sounds ignorant and privileged to some and for that I’m sorry. It’s taken me a while to even figure out how to phrase this thought.

I read a quote that has been bounding around in my head all day.

“Empowered Women Empower Women”

I love this quote more than I can put into words. And I also think it helps me say what I am trying to say, which is simply: We are all feminists, let’s not divide ourselves up. The further we are divided, the weaker we are, so standing together is the only choice we have.


One thought on “Journal #6 | I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR

  1. That’s a great quote. I hate the accusations out there that white women should not be involved. Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis marched together decades ago and she gave credit to black women who were the original feminists. If we are all not involved, none of us are involved. We must all recognize the intersectionality of feminism, learn from each other, and always focus on doing better and being more inclusive, you know?

    Sorry you didn’t feel well – I was at the Portland march with my husband and it was pretty rad, although not as amazing as DC where I wanted to be if my back injury didn’t prevent me from flying. Hopefully you got to watch some of the speeches on YouTube by Gloria Steinem, Alicia Keys and America Ferrera – amazing 🙂


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