Fall in Vermont

A collection of thoughts, photos and snapchats from my favorite season.

November is drawing ever so slowly to a close. The climactic end to the fall period. The leaves have left the trees and now sit in crunchy brown puddles on the lawn, waiting to be swept away before the imminent arrival of snow.

Fall was an amalgamation of scents and tastes, but was underscored by apples.

It was the crisp taste of apples picked straight off the tree, and letting the juice run down your arm. It was the feeling of drinking warm, sweet apple cider and washing away the granular sugar residue of homemade apple cider donuts at a local farm.

Fall was the color of pumpkins, bright orange hues full of life. Leaves on trees illuminated the otherwise grey horizons; a shock of life before the great sleep of winter. Every road in Vermont was like stepping into a painting. The hills were on fire.

Mornings were crisp and cool. Walks to class began to feature layers of warm wool scares piled high to ward off the bitter winds. Coffee mugs were hugged ever closer in an attempt to warm cold fingers.

Weekends became a time for staying inside with a book or movie. A time to wrap the covers close and enjoy the sound of rain lashing at the window from the safe haven of my dorm bed.

The end of fall was punctuated by seemingly random snow showers. I was caught in one on my bike, coming home from an afternoon class. My hands were red with cold, and my fingers were so numb I couldn’t manipulate my key into the door.

I made quiet a few trips to my favorite vegan restaurant in a nearby town. I studied for my many business school tests among a beautiful painted mural of the Vermont countryside while sipping coffee with coconut milk. On occasion I would jot down some random musings in my journal. Cafes and good food never fail to inspire me.

I found a turtleneck sweater, which has become like a second skin. Curling up on a couch with my nose in a book under the weak winter sun has been my favorite way to spend thanksgiving break.

Rain-slicked streets and sidewalks, plastered with leaves made everything look beautiful. Each morning a fresh rainfall seemed to wipe campus clean. Walking to class and letting the rain mist my face was almost as good a wakeup as my morning coffee.

Fall has a way of making everything look dreamy and beautiful. The view from my window was my own version of staring into a dreamscape, full of vibrant reds and oranges, the smell of fresh rain on the pavement, and hot apple cider calling me back inside at the end of a long day.

My favorite town in Vermont, is Stowe. With it’s old school charm and perfect fall vibes, walking the streets of Stowe is like walking in a picturesque, movie-version of my life.

The sky switched between rain and snow as if it were changing channels on a TV.

 This fall marks my second fall in the beautiful state, and highlights the hopes of many more to come.


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