Debate Night Recap – with wine.

For those of you who didn’t catch the final presidential debate last night, you didn’t miss much. Hilary wiped the floor with Trump, discussions of important issues were limited, and offensive comments were superfluous.

I am not usually the most politically minded, but election season brings out the inner political connoisseur in all of us. Despite my usual lack of interest in politics, and my usual preoccupation with activism, I cannot stress enough the importance of using your voice, and especially your vote.

We live in a time of great change, and in Trump’s case, of backpedalling into the early 20th century. Any discussion of overturning Roe vs Wade automatically gets me going. The audacity that this ill-informed man believes he can make decisions about a woman’s own body is infuriating to me to no end.

Anyway, here are some notes I jotted down will sipping wine and getting increasingly more irritated by the second, while watching last night’s debate:

  • Is Fox News really a reliable source??
  • Hillary rocks that pantsuit.
  • How can anyone believe reversing marriage equality and Roe vs Wade is a good idea?
  • Guns kill people, and no good comes from them. End of discussion.
  • Save Planned Parenthood
  • My body, My rules
  • “stronger borders, stronger borders, stronger borders”..
  • yet again Trump links immigration and innocent immigrant families to drugs.
  • “Twitter War” – we have entered the debate of the future.
  • Hillary is that student who reads the entire textbook before the first day of class.
  • Trump is the kid who complains about the homework.
  • “You’re the puppet” – said a second grader or Donald?
  • “excuse me, my turn”
  • “women’s rights are human rights”

at this point, the wine has caught up.

  • “Nobody has more respect for women than me” – Trump. Everyone desperately searches for one woman he has ever been respectful towards.
  • Can Donald even place Haiti on a map.
  • “It’s disgraceful; It’s a disgrace: – says the human dictionary, Donald.
  • Every time Trump looks down I’m almost certain he is googling the answers or asking his twitter followers what to do on his phone.

Overall, it was eventful, but extremely irritating to watch Donald Trump (the most under qualified candidate probably ever) debate things he knows nothing about. I write those notes out of a place of anger and on the basis of first instinct, gut reactions.

To my American friends, here and abroad, I cannot stress enough the need to go to the polls in the coming weeks. Turn in an absentee ballot, go to the polling place in your town, and vote. We have the privilege to vote and directly influence what we want to see happen in our country. We have the power to have our voices heard, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Please friends, go vote. Keep us from moving backwards and undoing all the good, and the leaps forward we have made.


How to Vote: 

type ‘vote’ into google and select your state. A list of things you are required to bring, as well as your polling place will be listed. Bring an acceptable form of idea (and other required material, depending on state), head to the designated polling place, and have your voice heard.


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