Philedelphia Birthday Weekend| Travel Photo Diary 

A quick note: I wrote this recap of my time in philly in August. I can’t believe I forgot to post it! There really is no time like the present though, so better late than never! 

Trains, vintage, and vegan food galore. It was a weekend for the books in Philedelphia. 


I took the Amtrak into Philly’s 30th street station. My cousin and I met up and went for a late lunch at a vegan spot called Cafe Bonbon in central city. I had the most delicious buffalo cauliflower tacos. We ended up back at her apartment in west philly were we ended the day by making dinner and watching a movie.


Saturday was a busy day, and my first day in my coveted 20s. I woke up early. Bright, hot sunlight pooled into the room and street noise floated around my ears. We caught a busy trolley into Old City, and walked around the historic sights. The liberty bell and old city hall were so interesting and well maintained.

 The sun was intense and sweat was beading all over my body. We took this time to stop for lunch at vegan pizza joint Bluebird cafe. Again, delicious. 

From here we went on a shopping rampage. City throfting is a unique experience and my favorite way to shop. We went to Philly AIDS Thrift, Raxx vintage and, my personal favorite Retrospect(?). Flipping through post cards from 1909 and turning over 40 year old film cameras sets my soul on fire. 

We also vistited other vegan hotspots … Bakery and V Street. I am loving how much vegan food Philedelphia had. It’s so amazing to know the movement is alive and well! 


Rainy Sunday, isn’t that always the way. My trip ended with a quick stop at the Philedephia Museum of Art 

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