Cruelty-Free and Cute | Gerard Cosmetics Haul

If you are new to this blog, I have recently been transitioning to only using cruelty-free products. Contrary to popular belief, there are so many amazing cruelty free products (and Vegan products too, but that is coming in a later post). So do some research and save a bunny or two!

Anyways, today I will be sharing my thoughts on some products I recently picked up from Gerard Cosmetics. All products mentioned are cruelty-free, so I highly recommend checking them out.

I picked up a set of 6 of the Color Your Smile Lipglosses in the shades Nude, Cocoa Bean, Coral Craze, Spring Fling, Plum Crazy and Madison Avenue!  These smell so beautiful, almost like a cupcake. They also have very good pigmentation and don’t leave you with the sticky, hair-stuck-to-your-mouth feeling. So far I’m super impressed! 

Shades from top to bottom: Spring Fling, Coral Craze, Plum Crazy, Cocoa Bean, Madison Avenue, Nude. Look at that pigmentation though! Love. 

I also picked up a set of 3 of the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I have the shades 1995, Everything Nice, and Serenity. I have only ever tried ColourPop liquid lipsticks (most of which I love to death and have talked about endlessly), so I was so excited to try these out. The first thing I noticed was how even though they were dry, they didn’t feel like they were sucking all the moisture out of my lips. The colours are so highly pigmented and beautiful too. They are so comfortable to wear and I can’t wait to play around with them some more! 

Shades from top to bottom: Everything Nice, 1995, Serenity. So creamy and beautiful.

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