Journal #3 | Hair Salon Musings 

Thoughts from my time at the hair salon:

I’ve been thinking about a book I read recently. You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it for anyone who’s interested in the kind of things I talk about in this post.

The book focuses on frequencies and the energies we give out. It talks about how these frequencies draw in people of like frequencies and connects them with you. A higher frequency means others on a higher, more positive frequency will be drawn to you. I have been thinking a lot about what this means in my life, and how I’ve been trying to focus on expelling draining, negative people from my life.

I came into my hairdressers this morning feeling remarkably calm and open, despite the sadness Id been feeling after the passing of my dog on Sunday. My hairdresser and I ended up having a conversation about all kind of things – from frequencies to crystals to meditation to Buddhism to the atrocity of what happened in Orlando. It really surprised me that we were on the same page about so much, and truly proves the power of these frequencies.

It’s nice to find these random connections out of the blue. It gives me faith that there are other people out there who think on the same wave length as me, and it’s truly refreshing.

My advice is to get out there and find people on your frequency. Go and have a conversation with a stranger. Make a friend. Talk about Buddhism or literature or movies or the beach. Be open.


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