Get a Summer Glow, Without Harmful Rays! | Part 1 | Fake Tan




Most of the year, I’m a proud member of the pale skin club. I have no issues with that, but during the summer I like to look a bit glow-y and bronze. Unfortunately, my family is prone to developing melanoma; my dad has gone through numerous surgeries to combat the development of harmful skin growths. So the best way to get a glow, without the danger, is to use a sunless tanner!
Today I’ll share my favourite products I use to get that beach-y glow, and the steps in my fake tan routine.

The Products:

The Fake Tanner: Since I’m naturally on the pale side, the ‘medium to dark’ fake tanners often intimidate me. Eschewing these by forming a cross with my fingers and saying “back foul beast!”, I reach for my “light to medium” formulation. One day I hope I’ll be brave enough to try the darker shades, but today is not that day.

I use the St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse, but I’m also going to try out Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Light to Medium, which is an Australian brand. I’m not sure if you can order it outside of Australia but I’m sure you could find it online.

Loving Tan  also has great reviews, and they offer a 2 hour express tanner for tanning on the go which I’m looking forward to testing out too!

DSC_0268.jpg        DSC_0266

 The Tanning Mitt: A tanning mitt is NON NEGOTIABLE. Obviously, no one wants to walk around with hands that are 15 shades darker than their body, so a mitt is a must. Plus, they make sure that the tan is applied evenly, and streak free. Streaks and fake tan hands = not cute.

I picked up the St. Tropez Mitt from the same drugstore where I bought the tanner.

The Exfoliator: Before fake tanning, its important to prime the skin by removing all the gunky, dead skin cells on the surface. Invest in a good exfoliating scrub like, this one from Tocca. I also love homemade scrubs too. You can make your own sugar scrubs with coconut oil, sugar and a few other simple ingredients.

The Moisturiser: In order for the tanner to stay on the skin, its important to apply a good moisturiser all over. I apply it before I apply my tan, focusing on extra dry patches, for example around the elbows, and places which move a lot, like the ankles and wrists. I love my body shop lotions, because they smell heavenly. To insure the longevity of the tan, be sure to apply moisturizer after showers and before bed!


Before – Make sure you have enough time to tan! I like to leave at least and hour or 2 for my tan to be completely dry before going anywhere so I can be sure I wont ruin any clothes.

Step 1: Take a shower and be sure to exfoliate

Step 2: After showering, be sure to apply moisturizer generously. Don’t forget extra dry patches like elbows and feet.

Step 3: After the moisturizer has had time to sink in, you can start the process! I use roughly two pumps for each arm to shoulder region, three pumps for each leg, and three pumps for the stomach and chest region. I also use two pumps on the back and upper shoulders. These may be too much or too little for how you like your tan, so use it as a guide then find what works for you.

Step 4: Be sure to apply the tan evenly. Go back over each area carefully, smoothing the tan into the skin without leaving streaks. It takes a bit of work but it will be worth it when your tan looks flawless.

Step 5: When your tan is evenly rubbing in, and as you like it, wait for it to dry. This usually takes about 20-30 minutes, for the tan to dry completely and not rub off on clothes or a towel. Some formulas may dry quicker, or slower, so be careful to make sure your tan is completely dry before getting dressed.

Step 6: Wait for the tan to develop. This usually takes about eight hours, but can take more or less depending on the formula.

Step 7: When the tan is developed, get back in the shower and rinse it off. When you get out of the shower, be sure to gently pat dry, to avoid rubbing the tan away prematurely. Apply moisturizer again.

Step 8: Keep applying moisturizer each day to keep the tan from getting patchy! I usually keep mine on for about a week and then use whatever defoliant I have to get it off.

I hope this guide helps you achieve the glow of your dreams! There are plenty of videos on youtube too, if you need more information! Happy glowing!

 What are your favourite bronzy products to achieve a summer glow? Let me know!








2 thoughts on “Get a Summer Glow, Without Harmful Rays! | Part 1 | Fake Tan

  1. These products look great, your instructions are super useful as i always get streaky legs – not cool! I’m super pale so this will definitely help – thanks 🙂 Check out my blog – – hopefully you’ll like it! xxx


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