What’s In My Bag? | Everyday Edition

A comprehensive list of what I carry around with me on my day-to-day adventures! I usually like to store all of these things in a large tote bag or my faux leather backpack, like this one, that I bought when I was 15.


Current favorite sunnies


Journal, The Messy Heads Magazine, Hurraw Lip Balm, and ColorPop Lipstick
Current read
My little collection of crystals, full post on them to come!
Favorite sunglasses purchased at PacSun

Vera Bradley Wallet

I got this wallet about a year ago to match my wallet that I bought for college. It has so many pockets and is the perfect size. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything paisley, which is another reason I’m obsessed with it.

ColourPop Liquid Lipstick

Any reader of my blog knows that I live for anything ColourPop. I wear one of their liquid lipsticks, either satin or matte, pretty much every day. That being said, I also have one stashed in my bag.

Hurraw! Lip Balm

hate the feeling of dry lips more than anything, so carrying a lip balm with me is a must. I love this one because its vegan and cruelty free! Plus the scent is heavenly. I have a few of them but the grapefruit one is definitely my favorite.

Nikon D3000

You never know when inspiration might strike. I love having my Nikon D3000 within reach to take pictures if I feel the need!

iPhone 6

We live in a modern age, so whether I like it or not, I have to bring my phone with me everywhere. I love my CASE though, its so smooth and classic.

Journal and pens

Like the camera, inspiration may strike at any time. I love having my journal and pens with me in case I feel like I need to document anything.


This is my lifeblood. It has so much stuff on it, from inspiration posts to blog ideas to plenty of books.

Current book I’m reading

In a moderately busy life, I find I sometimes have downtime while waiting for appointments and things like that. I like to have whatever book I’m currently reading with me to pass the time while I wait. In this case, its Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and I’ve been loving it. It’s such an intriguing read and I highly recommend it.

Urban Ears Headphones

Like most people my age, plugging in headphones is part of my daily routine. I also love having headphones on me so I can plug in and tune out. It helps keep me focused and relaxed.

My crystal collection 

I’m pretty new to the whole crystal game, but I picked up some healing crystals the other day and I love them. I store them in a drawstring pouch when I’m out and about, and hold them in my hand when I feel I need them.

Favorite Sunglasses

I have been wearing these babies nonstop since I got them about a month ago from PacSun. They look so much like a pair of Ray Bans that I had been wanted for ages, but without the enormous price tag! Love.

What are your everyday essentials? Let me know! xx

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