May Favorites


Journalling – 

This is a great way for me to keep my messy thoughts in order. I have been journalling pretty much daily, and have almost filled a whole notebook! I find its such a fun way to organize my ideas and has really spurred my creativity lately. I have been thinking of making a post of some of my journal excerpts, so let me know if you’d be interested in that!

Coloring – 

Adult coloring books are coming back in force and boy am I glad they have. I find it so soothing and fun to do when I’m bored (which I have been a lot recently, due to my knee surgery and being mostly bedridden). Book stores offer a great selection, like this one, to get in touch with your inner kid!



Layered Necklaces – like this one.

These have become a statement in my wardrobe over the past few months as I experiment with my taste in fashion and explore new trends. I love layered necklaces because they dress up even the most basic outfits and almost look like you put in extra effort, even if you have bed head and a wrinkled shirt on.

Urban Decay Born This Way foundation – 

Since I’ve been at home, I’ve been indulging in my fake tanning routine again (finally). Because I’ve been tanner, I can finally use this foundation and I’ve been loving it. I have been mixing it with Becca’s primer in Opal and I have been obsessed with the dewy skin it gives me!


Awkward Season 5 – MTV

This show has been a long time favorite of mine since I was in high school. Its easygoing but so meaningful and funny. All around a great watch for anyone who’s looking for something lighthearted and fun to watch.


Invisible Cities – Italo Calvino 

I loved this book, especially the fluid and beautiful language Calvino uses. I found it so whimsical and fun to read. I got through it in one siting.

The Given World – Marian Palaia

This month I loved this book too. It’s haunting and beautifully written. It is such an interesting perspective on the Vietnam war, and about finding yourself after a tragedy. I got through this book pretty quickly too.