The Art of Thrifting

Walking into a thrift store is like entering Ariel’s grotto. Its full of pieces from a time gone by, with so many stories and adventures attached to every article of clothing. Who knows who wore those leather cowboy boots, or where they walked in them.

It’s no secret that I love scouring the depths of goodwill and redcross to find amazing vintage and pre-loved pieces. I thought I’d share with you some of my tips for finding the hidden gems in the clothing mine.


Go in with an open mind

Never been the type to sport leopard print? Try on the top you normally wouldn’t! Thrifting is like rifling through a grandmothers costume box. You never know what you’ll find.

Bring cash

This eliminates running the risk that the store doesn’t accept cards (yes, it’s happened to me before. In 2016). It also forces you to keep to a spending limit, which sometimes gets hard when you find a bunch of cute pieces for $10 each.

Get out of town

So much of what I find in thrift stores varies by its location. Every time I go somewhere new, I like to see what kind of unique things I can find that tell a story about that city or town.

 Try before you buy

Often, because there are so many different brands in one store, sizing varies. Try on efore you buy to avoid walking out in an awkward unflattering garment.

 Have fun with it!

Thrift stores let you browse so many styles and decades in one room at once, so have fun with it! Try on huge faux fur coats and derby hats, and rifle through the racks to inner happiness!





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