How I spent my weekend… 

Finals are in full swing here, so this weekend I took some time to relax and reflect. Sometimes that means taking myself on little dates, which is what I did this weekend.

On Saturday morning, around 11, I drove to Charlotte, Vermont to Mt Philo state park to go on a short hike. This is absolutely beautiful, not too difficult, and has amazing views from the top.

I spent some time lounging in the sun at the top of the mountain, and did some journaling, something I’ve been very into lately. It’s a great way to clear your mind and remember all the positivity in your life.

I also find that listening to nature while I walk is really soothing so that was an added bonus. Plus some of the trees are starting to flower! Finally!

After my walk, I used Yelp to find a cafe near me. It ended up taking me into a small town in rural Vermont, about 20 minutes down an unpaved road. The restaurant was beautiful and homey, and I had a delicious vegetarian lasagne!

My point of this post is to encourage you to go outside. Go explore and discover. Find cute cafes you’ve never heard of in the middle of no where. Document your adventures. Get to know your surroundings and yourself.

I hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend. Happy exploring!





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