Journal #1

May 6

My Willing Heart – James Blake 

Have you ever listened to music with headphones in and eyes closed?

You can hear the sounds travel through the two different sides of the headphones, some siphoned to the left ear, some to the right. Sometimes it feels like the musician is whispering straight into your ear.

It’s these kind feelings I get from music that I love, that I cherish, hold close, and try to replicate.

You feel the beat of the music in your chest, almost as if the song has replaced your heart in pumping blood through your arteries and veins. Every rise and fall of your chest feels perfectly timed, as if the music is being played to the metronome of your breathing.

When the music picks up, you feel it move your limbs, your toes twitch or tap, fingers spasm. As I write this now my fingers type faster and faster to their own rhythm.

Then, seemingly all at once, the song is done. The melody fades into the silence. The ringing in your ears returns.

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