Nighttime skincare routine 

My favorite part of any day is when I get to come home (to my dorm) and take a shower before bed. And I also love rubbing all these products all over my face, too! 

Step 1

First I remove all makeup with some micellar water on a cotton pad before getting in the shower. This is a really gentle way to remove makeup and it’s really quick and easy.

Step 2

In the shower I use whatever face wash I have on hand to cleanse my skin. I only wash my face at night because I have extremely dry skin and I’ve found washing it twice a day has been making it worse. 

Step 3

After my shower, I’ll apply my Josie Maran Argan oil all over my face, especially on the dry spots 

Step 4

When that is done, I will apply my night moisturizer from Olay. This stuff is super intense and makes me feel really moisturized

Step 5 

Next I always apply Carmex to my lips because I hate the feeling of dry lips! 

Step 6

Finally, I’ll spray some Mario Badescu facial spray. This stuff smells amazing and feels really cooling and refreshing 

What are your favorite products for skincare currently? Let me know! 

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