HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS | How I Lost the ‘Freshman 15’ and more!

Before you start college, you hear all the horror stories about kids who go off to college, expecting to be healthy, and by the end of the semester come home to find out their clothes don’t fit the way they used too.

It’s a tale as old as time, and when I heard it before my freshman year at college, I quickly dismissed it. I was very wrong. The Freshman 15 is alive and well, my future collegians.

Luckily, with the turn of the new year, and some very serious self determination, I’ve been able to loose almost 20 pounds over the past 4 months, with no diet pills, supplements, fat burners or weird meal plans! So, I present to you my weight loss story, and tips for living a healthier lifestyle, especially in the college setting!

Tip #1 – It only takes a spark to light a flame..

The first workout is always the hardest. Always. I started my journey by setting clear, realistic goals. For example, I aimed to work out 4 nights during the week, and once during the weekend. I mark each time that I work out in my planner with a pink X so that at the end of the month I can see how much I exercised! It feels good to turn over to a new month and try to increase the number of workouts I got. Over time, I increased my workouts, and I’m now up to 6 days on, 1 day off! It really is an addiction, and a good one to have in my opinion.

I also liked to set weight goals, for example, “be down 5 pounds by the start of the month” or something like that. The rewarding feeling you get from meeting those goals will push you harder to meet the rest of your goals!

Tip #2 – Grocery Shopping is not done on an empty stomach

I learned in high school that if you shop for food when you are hungry, you are more likely to buy junk food, or much more food than you need. This can hurt your budget, and your waistline in the long run. Try to do grocery shopping on a full stomach, so you can walk past the confectionary aisle and up to the fruit instead!

Tip #3 – Fruit makes a good dessert too!

I trained myself to crave healthier alternatives for desserts by substituting fruit for an ice cream cone or a chocolate bar. Its hard at first, but now I don’t have to think about it when I walk past the m & ms at the grocery store! Of course, it is okay to reward yourself for a good week or a good workout with something sweet every once in a while. A diet isn’t about cutting out everything you love, but more about consuming it in moderation (cliche, I know)

Tip #4 – Exercise is a reward, not a punishment

I used to dread the time I had to go to the gym, but I’ve since learned to see the fact that I can exercise as a reward. I love when I have the extra time to go to the gym and zone out. I also like to reward my body for what it can do. Never take for granted the fact that you are probably healthy and able to exercise! We don’t often think about it, but its a privilege not everyone has.

Tip #5 – Eat well, Eat Often 

small meals, big meals, healthy meals, the occasional cheat meal, just be sure to eat! I like to eat whenever I start feeling hungry, because if I wait too longer, to the point of being too hungry, I’m likely to overeat. Just eat whenever you feel you need too, and not when you’re bored or sad.

Tip #6 – Kick the bad habits, Replace them with good

When I first started to make an effort to lose weight, I found that establishing a routine made it a lot easier to hold myself accountable and actually do my work outs. I scheduled a time, usually 9pm, and set an alarm. I would make sure that every time the alarm went off I would go to the gym.

Eventually, I didn’t need to use the alarm anymore, and my mind now associates 9pm with workout time! If I miss it, something feels off!

Lastly, be patient and be kind to yourself and to your body! Its the only body you get, so treat it well.

I hope this post helps you out on your journey!

Do you have any tips or tricks? Let me know


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