Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation – Product Review

First product purchase and review of 2016, yay!

Yesterday I stopped in the drugstore to buy bandaids, and of course I came out with a brand new foundation, which was 50 percent off! The bargain was too good not to indulge in.

The Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme makeup is not a new product, but, being me and being late at jumping on the bandwagon, I’ve only just picked it up. I bought the shade 200 – sand beige, which almost perfectly matches my skin thanks to a nice tan courtesy of the Australian sun.

First of is the packaging. The product comes in a glass tub, with a generous amount of foundation inside. The glass container is quite heavy, so it may not be ideal for travel or small daytime makeup bags, but it does feel sturdy and worth the money.

I have been loving my Costal Sense flat top buffing brush for buffing out my mousse-like foundations. The brush is larger than the Sigma F80, and the bristles are longer and not as densely packed, which I feel makes these thicker products go on without looking too cake-y.

I loved how the product applied smoothly, and didn’t stick to any dry patches or uneven areas. I feel it had a beautiful airbrush effect. The above photos show the foundation just after it was applied. I didn’t set the product with powder because it was already a fairly full coverage product.

Here is the foundation after about 5 hours of wear, with the rest of the makeup done. I have noticed a bit of oil around the nose and on the chin, which is not unusual for my skin, and has been happening recently with my mousse-like foundations. The heat also doesn’t help much. Despite the oil, most of the foundation is in place and it still looking good!

So far, I’m happy with this product, as it is a beautiful coverage, airbrushed looking, and (relatively) long lasting. It is also very affordable! If you are in the market for a new, affordable, full coverage foundation, go check out this product!

What are your favorite foundations? Leave me some suggestions! 


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