New skincare testers and review

Its been so long since I’ve posted any reviews, I really need to step up my game. I’m going to start trying to post at lease once a week from now on to keep my content fresh.

I recently subscribed to Sephora Play! which is really fun and a great way to try out new high end products I normally wouldn’t buy the full version of without trying first. This past month, I receive the GlamGlow super cleanse face wash, and the Ole Henriksen sheer transformations moisturiser (not shown), along with a few other goodies! These two were definitely my stand out favourites of the box.

I also picked up a First Aid Beauty Ultra repair cream test packet, shown above with the glamglow product, so I thought I would talk about this one too!

First things first is the GlamGlow super cleanse facial cleanser. I had never tried anything from GlamGlow before, but judging from the reviews (and the price) I assumed they were pretty exceptional, so I was so excited to get the tester in the Play! box. I switched to this facial cleanser and almost immediately notice results. I thought my drugstore charcoal face cleansers were good, but I loved this one more. I notices a dramatic reduction in pore size, my skin is smoother and less clogged. I love the feeling of my skin after using this. It feels so fresh and clean, and while it does feel like all the oil has been removed, it doesnt make my skin feel uncomfortably dry. Overall I would recommend this. The full size (5 oz) goes for $39 USD on Sephora, so I might just have to go invest.

Secondly is the cutest little pot of Ole Henriksen sheer transformation mousiteiser. This product is so light (hence the sheer) that it feels like you’re face has nothing on it. Im not sure how much it would help someone who has very dry skin, because mine is usually combination, but I love it. It makes my skin feel soft and rejuvenated, without the heavy feeling I notice with other moisturisers. This is a bit pricey, with a price tag of $65 at Sephora, which scares me away from it slightly, but it is definitely worth a try if you like lightweight moisturisers and have combination skin!

Finally, I tried out the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream, and the jury is still out on this product. I like how moisturising it is on the dry patches of my face. It says to use day and night but I feel like it is too heavy for me to wear during the day, and might be more useful at night. I did however notice that it made my skin feel very well hydrated, which is perfect considering it is advertised as intense hydration and therefore does its job! It sells for $30 at Sephora for 6 oz, which is much more affordable than the Ole Henriksen. I’ve heard so many people rave about first aid beauty that I think I definitely need some more time to try this one before I invest in it!

What skincare products are your current go-to’s? Let me know below! 


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