Colour Pop Cosmetics HAUL and review

My favorite thing about living in the US again is the super fast, reliable and cheap shipping of online shopping. I’ve really developed an online shopping problem, and my credit card is not going to be happy! Anyways, in a recent online shopping spree, I picked up seven new ColourPop Lippie Stix! I had 2 Lippie Stix and pencils which I love, so I was dying to try out some new colors from the brand.

Each costs $5, which is an amazing price considering the quality of the product! Also, orders of $35 get free shipping in the US.

I picked up mostly dark, reddish browns, perfect for fall, and some nude-y, dark pinks.


Here’s my photo of all 7 that I posted on Instagram (@emilylovesmak3up)! How amazing is the reflective insignia, I love it!


The bottom of the tubes have the names on them. I think the names are adorable too.

Here’s a swatch of all of the colors, with and without flash


Th colors are (from top to bottom) –

Brink, Dalia, Ellarie, Bichette, Dazed, I heart this, and LBB.

They all look quite similar in the packaging but are so different when swatched. Well, I think they do anyway.



I’m so excited to play around with these some more and I hoped you enjoyed my opinions on them.

Have you tried colour pop or do you have a favroite lipstick brand? Let me know below!



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