Beauty etc HAUL – Early 19th Birthday Presents!

I am still struggling to grasp the fact that I’ve been alive for nearly 19 years. I am the type of person who loves birthdays so I also get really excited for them! A few of these presents I bought myself (because who knows what you like more than you, right?) and some were from my lovely boyfriend Connor!

#1 – Bare Minerals Bare Skin foundation in shade 01 Bare Porcelain 

As I start University in just over 2 weeks, I’m starting to think about how I’ll want to do my makeup on a day to day basis. I feel I’ll be leaning towards a light coverage for everyday, so I decided to pick up this foundation! Review to come.


#2 – MAC Blush in Desert Rose 

I’ve had my eye on a MAC blush for a while so I went ahead and took the plunge and bought this one! A beautiful matte shade, a perfect addition to my collection which seriously lacks matte blushes.


#3 – MAC lipstick in Rebel 

Do I even need to explain why I bought this cult favourite? Its amazing!


#4 – The Balm’s Nude ‘tude palette

I am officially an eyeshadow palette hoarder. I need help! I’ve been very pleased with all my other products from the balm so I invested in another eyeshadow palette. I’m excited to play around with this and see what kind of looks I can create with some of the matte shades as I usually tend to favour shimmer in eyeshadowsIMG_5514

#5 – Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal Fragrance 

This one was from Connor. I’m a huge fan of Juicy fragrances, and I would love to describe how it smells but I’m not sure how! Overall, it smells good. Go smell it.


#6 – Collette Handbag

I was in desperate need of a new, large tote bag for university, and this one was perfect. I figured the neutral tones would be very easy to mach with almost any outfit.

#7 & #8 – Collette Necklaces 

A little jewlrey never hurt anyone either, did it? These were too nice to pass up and were also 40% off. I never shy away from a bargain.

One thought on “Beauty etc HAUL – Early 19th Birthday Presents!

  1. haha I’ve just recently done a bit of post-birthday shopping; even though I got thoroughly spoilt on my birthday, I figured the day after was a good excuse to go out shopping for even more! I’ve just popped a blog post up about my birthday and it would be great if you could check it out!


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