Review – L.A Girl Glazed Lip Paints

I had heard online that these were supposedly dupes for the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, so I was eager to try them out. I ordered 5 different shades online from Beauty Joint (and shipping took nearly a month, so I had to wait patiently). The website describes the product as “providing long lastinghyper glossy, ultra rich color to lips.”, and also says that the product contains Vitamin E and peppermint oil to cool and nourish lips. The colors, from the top are Bombshell, Blushing, Tango, Pin Up and Hot Mess.


The swatches I accidentally did in the opposite order (oops), so the order of swatches from top to bottom is Hot Mess, Pin Up, Tango, Blushing and Bombshell.


What I like

  • The colors – Each of the colors is bright and unique, with good pigmentation, and relatively strong opaqueness.  The collection has a total of 18 shades, from nudes to deep berries.
  • The price – at $3.49 (US) per tube, I was extremely willing to buy this product to test out.
  • Cruelty free – This one is an obvious bonus, and probably docent need much explaining.
  • The finish – The product is glossy without being sticky, so I find them much more comfortable to wear than the standard lipgloss. I also feel the finish, and vitamin E and peppermint oil keep your lips from feeling dry and cake-y.

What could be better

  • Application – I have to say, I absolutely hate the applicator/top of this product. It is slightly slanted with a hole in the middle for the product, but it dispenses the product in a blob in the centre of wherever you applied it. The top/applicator hole doesn’t help spread the product so I had to use my finger to get an even coverage.
  • The taste – Do not, I repeat DO NOT, get this product in your mouth. I made that mistake when testing them for the first time and the taste is absolutely horrible and very hard to get rid of. Of course, not getting the product in your mouth is probably a good practice to always follow anyway.

Overall, I do think these products are fun and worth a try, if you are looking into steeping out of your comfort zone and trying new and bold lip colors. For the price, I would definitely say that they are a good investment, if you are willing to reapply occasionally and deal with the headache-inducing applicator.

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