Real Talk – My experiences with clubbing

The first-time clubbing experience. A ritual undergone by many a newly-legal 18 or 21 year old.

As someone who has recently turned 18, I have been catapulted into adulthood and all its wonderful perks – like being able to vote, enlist in the army, get a criminal record and of course (here in Australia anyway) legally consume alcohol.

My first experience clubbing consisted of entering a small, hole-in-the-wall club in the Perth CBD, after paying the 10 dollar entrance fee and standing in a long line in incredibly tall heels (short gal problems). I was assaulted by heavy dance music and a sea of people packed so densely you have to move through the crowd by osmosis. After somehow managing to make it to the bar, a friend and I were able to get our hands on two shots – for the price of 20 dollars. All in all, my first experience with clubbing was disappointing; all overpriced drinks, sweaty men, and girls so judgemental their stares could burn a hole through your dress.

But alas, I continued to give clubbing the old “college try”. And luckily for me, my next few experiences were much more enjoyable. I love dancing, and what better place to dance than on a dance floor with 300 of your newest, closest strangers-turned-friends? Although drinks remain overpriced, at 15 dollars per Smirnoff Ice, and entrance fees shock me each time, I still believe that clubbing is a fun way to spend time with friends every few weeks.

Like all things, moderation is key, and this moderation will save both your liver, and your bank account.

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